... on your way.

Constellations is a change process which can assist individuals and groups to move forward on issues, in an intuitive and insightful way. It opens up paths, can resolve blockages and entanglements, helps us to explore directions, barriers and resources, and to experience what new options would feel like within our ecosystem (individual, group, family, organization etc.).

The goal of the constellation process is to diagnose and experience a potential solution that enables a change to happen – in  a safe space, either in pairs or as a group. We may work inside or outdoors in nature, and co-create the “flow“, to move with ease…

... onto  new paths.

"We are natural creatures which have evolved inside a great life system. Whatever we do that is not good for life, the rest of the system will try to undo or balance in any way it can."
Elisabet Sahtouris